A giraffe falls down a few escalators and an idea is hatched; let’s start a brewery!  Fall is a culmination of hungry humans starving for something they can commit to 110% and believe in…without having to answer to anyone.  “We wanted to create a place where we wanted to hang out, drink the beers we wanted to make, and not stuff anyone’s pockets that weren’t deserving of it.  So that’s what we did.” says company mascot and tasting room legend Eggmund.The rest as they say “is history” (in the making).


rayRamon Astamendi
Better known as “Ray” around the neighborhood, he has been making beer since he could legally vote.  After numerous homebrewing awards, he made  his way to the big leagues and has been brewing with the best of them since 2007 when he won 2 medals at GABF with his first entries.Fast-forward to the present, and he is still striving to make delicious classic beers; including lagers which are scarce in San Diego.  One who is always working in the brewhouse, yet never busy enough to turn down a conversation, stop by and say hello to The Captain.
daveDave Lively
Creative Bad Ass/All-Around Awesome Dude
You may or may not have seen him appear in TV commercials, playing soccer or ripping the surf, but you have seen Dave’s design work if you are old enough to buy our beer.  His talents have graced the covers of many album covers, T-shirts, skateboards, and beer labels known worldwide.  He now focuses his creative talents on Fall in a capacity only he fully understands.Be sure to pick up a shirt from our tasting room that was conceived by our very own in-house jedi designer.  May the schwarzbier be with you.


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